Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Whistleblower Exposed

It is well past time that someone started to shed some disinfecting sunlight onto Jim Schifrin, the obnoxious, greedy, race-baiting slime ball who publishes The Whistleblower, that notorious local tell-all political scandal sheet which Schifrin publishes daily. As Mr. Schifrin authors this bulletin (he even has a press badge of some sorts) and sends it to thousands and thousands of people everyday, he is very much a public figure and as such it is fair game to publicly criticize him, his publication, and those persons for whom he is a mouthpiece.

Schifrin is the chief mouthpiece for Chris Finney, Phil Heimlich and Tom Brinkman. He also acts as a sort of ersatz Josef Goebbels for the COAST organization by publishing and propagandizing that group’s radical, right-wing, anti-tax agenda. Schifrin launches repugnant and vile attacks on persons ranging from Messer’s Finney, Heimlich, Brinkman & Co.’s political opponents to locally known personalities and celebrities, using juvenile, despicable invectives about the race, religion, sexuality, weight, appearance and even physical disabilities of their quarry. As turnabout is often fair play, I would like to direct your readers to the post I mentioned on Drinking Liberally Cincinnati about Schifrin. Get a load of this guy, for he is a load to be certain! And he is a doughy pant-load at that.

Schifrin’s favorite restaurant is China Gourmet in Hyde Park, where he frequently meets his informants for lunch and to gather dirt and gossip to publish in the Whistleblower. Notable amongst his moles are Chris Finney, Phil Heimlich, Tom Brinkman and Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters. At one time Dusty Rhodes was a regular source of Schifrin’s information; however, Rhodes and Schifrin had a major falling out when Rhodes refused to give Schifrin a ‘friendly’ reduction on his property taxes. A frequent witness to Mr. Schifrin’s frenzied feeding at China Gourmet tells me that the corpulent, gluttonous Schifrin starts his lunch with 5 or 6 bowls of Hot & Sour Soup before moving on to several helpings of his plat du jour. Schifrin could pass for Cincinnati’s version of Mr. Creosote, the gluttonous gourmand from Monty Python’s Meaning Of Life.

Here is a video of Schifrin eating lunch at China Gourmet’s worth a watch, but be prepared—it’s not pretty; Schifrin is quite the pig-at-the-trough.

So what do we know about Jim Schifrin? He lives alone in this house at 1116 Birney Lane in Anderson Township Schifrin, 67, is a life-long ‘confirmed bachelor’ (just like Paul Lynde, Charles Nelson Reilly and Siegfried & Roy are/were). Like his good friend Phil Heimlich, Schifrin lives off of a family trust fund which was left to him by his father, who founded the old Checker Store chain here in Cincinnati. By all accounts Schifrin’s father was a fine and generous gentleman and a good citizen of Cincinnati. His son however is another story. Perhaps a life of privilege and never having to work a day in his life warped Schifrin’s mind and turned him into the nasty, greedy SOB that he is.

As Chief Propagandist for COAST, Schifrin uses the Whistleblower as a soapbox to advance that group’s axiom of greed and cronyism. Schifrin & his associates openly seek to gut our public schools of financing, end public assistance for the poor and elderly, obtain deep tax cuts for wealthy property owners and cast off as much of our governmental services to the for-profit private sector as possible. Of course this little fraternity probably has their hands in the cookie jar, and they likely stand to enrich themselves via investments in those companies that will profit from government contracts and low-ball sell offs. The Drake Hospital give away is a prime example of this group’s crooked modi operandi. This explains Schifrin & Co.’s eagerness to keep their friend and key connection in County Government, Phil Heimlich, in power, so he can steer business to this corpulent band of corrupt cronies in order to fill their pockets.

The fact that Heimlich is down in the polls and (surprisingly) not endorsed by the Enquirer has led to increasingly desperate and vile attacks on Heimlich’s opponent, David Pepper, by Schifrin via The Whistleblower. Schifrin has repeatedly called Pepper an asshole and has insinuated that Pepper is gay on a daily basis. Schifrin has also joined in with the contemptible insinuations about Ted Strickland’s sexuality being perpetuated by the frantic Blackwell campaign and their little toady, Bill Cunningham. Ted Strickland is an ordained Methodist minister and has been happily married to the same woman for over 18 years.

It’s time for Mr. Schifrin to receive the castigation that he rightly deserves for the shameful comments he makes on a daily basis in The Whistleblower. Don’t let Jim Schifrin hide behind the anonymity of his pseudonym “Charles Foster Cane” any longer; I encourage each and every one of you to express your disgust with Mr. Schifrin’s rantings to him directly by emailing him at .

And to Mr. Schifrin, I would like to leave you with this bit of fashion advise, courtesy of ‘A Gentleman Gets Dressed: What to Wear, When to Wear it, How to Wear it’ by Bryan Curtis and John Bridges: “The very bottom of the Gentleman’s tie should just touch the top of the belt or waistband. The knot should be pulled fairly tight and tied with a four-in-hand knot for a button-down or straight collar shirt. For spread collar shirts a ½ Windsor knot might be an alternative.” A tie should not come down past a gentleman’s crotch as yours does Mr. Schifrin. But then again, you’ve long ago proved that you’re no gentleman.